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In this sample we modify the query parameters in the MyModelList method to allow querying with simple equality filters.

import endpoints
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from protorpc import remote

from endpoints_proto_datastore.ndb import EndpointsModel

class MyModel(EndpointsModel):
  attr1 = ndb.StringProperty()
  attr2 = ndb.StringProperty()
  created = ndb.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)

@endpoints.api(name='myapi', version='v1', description='My Little API')
class MyApi(remote.Service):

  @MyModel.method(path='mymodel', http_method='POST', name='mymodel.insert')
  def MyModelInsert(self, my_model):
    return my_model


To add simple filters, we set the keyword argument query_fields in the MyModel.query_method decorator. By specifying the fields 'attr1' and 'attr2' as the query fields, we can filter for entities based on the values of the NDB properties attr1 and/or attr2.

For example, a request /mymodels?attr1=cheese will return all entities with attr1 equal to 'cheese'. The query parameters attr1 and attr2 can be used individually, at the same time, or not at all.

An NDB property can only be used in query_fields to construct an equality filter. For NDB properties which correspond to ProtoRPC message fields, such as UserProperty or GeoPtProperty (see basic_with_auth), the values of the property cannot be represented simply via /path?key=value. As a result, such NDB properties are explicitly not allowed in query_fields and if this is attempted a TypeError will be raised.

  @MyModel.query_method(query_fields=('attr1', 'attr2'),
                        path='mymodels', name='mymodel.list')
  def MyModelList(self, query):
    return query

application = endpoints.api_server([MyApi], restricted=False)